Music For Winters Chill

Sit back with a cup of Joe and some free time and let these discs chase off the sluggishness, the chill and the long gray days of winter. They’ve gotten me through so far…. Funny thing is, eclectic is the best formula but then, it almost always is.

 Ray Barretto: Acid 1968

Hot salsa from a conguero with hands, baby. The percussion, the horns, the bass, it’s all ebullient jazz that cooks. What Santana heard before he became Santana…

 Frank Ocean: Nostalgia 2011

He muses, he beats, he quotes and one-ups Coldplay. It’s one funky, hip, cool trip and a testament to the enduring lure and allure of classic R&B writ now.

 Dave Alvin: Eleven Eleven 2011

He’s been burning the folk/ candle since The Blasters. Here he states his case for greatness. Awesome storyteller. Dig the one about the wandering Gold Gloves champ.

 Gary Clark Jr.: Bright Lights 2011

All hail the new guitar killer. It’s a four song EP but there’s enough to have you lining up for the full meal deal when it comes. Smolders. Burns. Aches. It’s blue. Kneel at the altar.

 Chris Isaak: Beyond the Sun 2011

Dang if old smoothy doesn’t conjure Elvis, Roy, Johnny and the Sun Records gang so well that you think you been shipped to Memphis circa 1956.

 John Coltrane: Blue Trane 1957

Three horns over a classic performance from the drummer that redoes what you think you know as a standard tells you that ears are meant for learnin’ son. Classic jazz. You need it.



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I am a published author with 13 titles published by major Canadian publishers. I am a First Nations person from the Ojibway Nation in Northwestern, Ontario, Canada. As a professional writer since 1979 I have written for newspaper, radio television, magazines and book publishing. I love the culture of books and the people who populate it. 2012 recipient of the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Media & Communications. View all posts by Richard Wagamese

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